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The Makro Asset Management Ltd (MAM) is a technology company based in Switzerland providing consulting and engineering services. Focus of the international business activities is the development and operation of software and cloud solutions. Additionally to the own developments, MAM provides their customers premium products for renowned partners.


MAM provides a trendsetting solution in outage prediction for security infrastructure and IT operations management with its product CurIX. Furthermore MAM provides premium products whether in software, platform or infrastructure as a service in a public or private cloud solution.


Makro Asset Management AG has the following participations: IC information company AG


The Board of Directors of the Company consists of Hans-Peter Legler (Chairman of the Board), Renato Heldner und Stephan Eppenberger.






Here you can find the latest news from Makro Asset Management AG:

  • Sun 28 Jan 2018

    Interview with Uli Siebold

    Dr. Uli Siebold interviewed on CurIX See here the interview from 22nd January 2018
  • Wed 15 Nov 2017

    Interview with Philipp Sick

    Philipp Sick interviewed. See here the interview from 14th November 2017 (in German)
  • Sat 4 Nov 2017

    Advisory Board Meeting November 2017

    The 3rd Advisory Board Meeting was hold on 3rd November 2017 at IC information company AG in Pratteln.
  • Tue 17 Oct 2017

    Advisory Board Meeting October 2017

    Get informed about the advisory board meeting. Paper on moneycab (in German)
  • Wed 4 Oct 2017

    CurIX project employees at Splunk .conf

    CurIX project team members visited Splunk .conf2017. Paper on moneycab (in German)
  • Mon 4 Sep 2017

    Advisory Board Meeting September 2017

    Get informed about the advisory board meeting. Paper on moneycab (in German)
  • Sat 26 Aug 2017

    Interview with Hans-Peter Legler

    Chairman Hans-Peter Legler interviewed. See here the interview from 17th August 2017 (in German)
  • Sat 15 Jul 2017

    Hans-Peter Legler is new Chairman

    The General Meeting of Makro Asset Management AG has elected Hans-Peter Legler to the new Chairman of the Board. Hans-Peter Legler, as the preferred candidate of the board, has extensive experience as corporate leader in the telecommunication and IT sector. He studied electrical and business engineering and rounded...
  • Mon 20 Mar 2017

    New Head of Development

    Dr. Uli Siebold joined the Technology Research & Development Business Unit as Head of Software Development. Prior joining IC information company AG Uli Siebold was responsible for leading the development of software and models in the area of urban and civil security at Fraunhofer Institut. In his work, doctoral...
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Self-healing IT for Business Services and Time Value Prediction


That’s the future!


CurIX stands for Cure Infrastructure in XaaS. It is a novel time value prediction approach to precisely predict failure occurrences in cloud based applications.

The aim of CurIX is to conduct a failure prediction based on system behaviour observations and in the next step to provide a stable self-healing management system for Cloud Infrastructures.


Today the CurIX knowledge combines a data analytics and a machine learning engine to precisely identify and predict failures, thus in advance to allow the actuator to react properly and invoke mitigation measures. 

MAM has set itself the objective to enhance the CurIX technology continuously to cope with growing requirements on failure prediction in IT environments.


CurIX supports the approach of a holistic consideration of IT operations management, infrastructure and architecture management, security operations management and identity management.


MAM provides with CurIX a proactive solution that accurately predicts outages prematurely and intervenes by providing heal advices.


  • CurIX reduces risks and increases the availability of business applications

  • CurIX performs automated failure analysis and detects outages in advance

  • CurIX provides automated troubleshooting methods

  • CurIX is based on innovative technologies and machine learning algorithms

  • CurIX can be used as add-on to well-known SIEM / ITOM tool
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